1415 Society

The 1415 Society, named in recognition of the 600 years that the site of the school has been a respected centre of learning, aims to nurture and grow a development fund for Stoke College. Run by a small group of Governors and Fellows, the Society will deliver a number of exclusive events and fundraising campaigns to support the on-going development of the school facilities including the fabric of the ancient building.

Membership of the 1415 Society

The 1415 Society is open to all those who have donated, or have left a legacy to Stoke College, or have the intention of doing so. The Society will enable members to be involved and have influence in a meaningful way on the future development of the building and grounds.

At present the Society is new and relatively small. The focus of the Society is to nurture and grow a development fund for Stoke College through donations or legacies over the coming years, to underpin and improve the buildings and facilities so that it will remain a seat of learning within its beautiful setting for the next 600 plus years.

The Society will provide a focal point and will be responsible for both recognising the generosity of the members and thanking them or their family. Society members will be invited to attend School events and the 1415 Society’s annual summer gathering. Members will enjoy the geniality of being with fellow like-minded enthusiasts and be able to see for themselves the progressive development enabled through the Society’s work.

Members will have a subscription to The 1415 Society and receive regular information about the School and 1415 Society events.