Fees for the academic year starting in September 2016 have been set as below.

Day Pupils

Reception £1,945 £5,616
Years 1, 2 and 3 (Prep school) £3,050 £8,808
Years 4, 5 and 6 (Prep school) £3,673 £10,606
Years 7 and 8 (Senior school) £4,399 £12,702
Years 9,10 and 11 (Senior school) £4,752 £13,721

Weekly Boarder Pupils

Years 5 and 6 (Prep school) £6,609 £19,083
Years 7 and 8 (Senior school) £7,335 £21,180
Years 9,10 and 11 (Senior school) £7,688 £22,199

Full Boarding Pupils
Please apply to the Bursar’s Office for details of full 7 day boarding fees.

Please be aware fees need to be paid by the 10th August to qualify for the 3.75% discount.

What is included in my fees?

All fees include:

  • Tuition;
  • Curricular clubs;
  • Textbooks (should your child wish to write in their textbook and keep the book, the cost of the text book will need to be met);
  • Craft materials;
  • A hot healthy luncheon (with a vegetarian option), including hot or cold desserts and a nutritious salad.
What is not included in my fees?

Milk for Reception, Yrs 1,2 and 3:
Charged at £25 per term

External examination/assessment fees:
Invoiced separately as incurred and instructed

School bus
We are currently operating the following routes:

Cambridge: Termly ticket between Cambridge and school £615
Horseheath: Termly ticket between Horseheath and school £390
Sudbury: Termly ticket between Sudbury and school £545
Dunmow: Termly ticket between Dunmow and school £545

Morning and After school clubs / Breakfast and Supper clubs:
We offer a comprehensive program of before and after school clubs. Breakfast/Supper and after school clubs allow parents and carers a flexible choice for drop off and collection.  The clubs offer activities to aid learning through play.  This is a pay as you go service and is billed at the end of each half term in arrears.  Current charges are: Breakfast at 8:00am – £5 per session and includes hot or cold breakfast, yoghurt, drink table activities and games

After school clubs:
4:00 – 5:15pm – £5.60 per session.  A range of indoor and outdoor activities are available. Specialist activities are priced separately.

Supper at 5:30pm – £5 per session and includes a hot supper with a hot or cold dessert.

Learning development:
£422 for one lesson a week per term.  Lessons have been increased from 35 to 50 minutes and a 3.75% increase has been applied to 2015/16 rates

Other information

Registration and acceptance fees:
A £100 non-refundable registration fee is required to register for a place at the school and a £250 deposit is required upon acceptance of a place.  The deposit is held and refunded against the final term’s fees, subject to the satisfactory return of and respect for all school resources/assets during attendance at the school.

Scholarships and Bursaries:
A small number of scholarships and bursaries are offered by the School.  Please contact the Bursar’s Office after registration.

Personal and accident insurance
In view of the implications of the Consumer Contract Regulations 2014, our insurers will only be able to offer the scheme on an all-inclusive basis so that all pupils attending the school are covered under the policy.  As this does not allow parents to make a financial decision based on their own circumstances, the cover arranged by the school  will cease.  Parents will therefore need to make their own arrangements for this insurance if required.

Fee refund scheme insurance:
The contract you have with the school is for the provision of education services.  Participation in this Scheme alters that contract and entitles you to receive a refund of school fees in certain circumstances relating to illness/absence from schoolThe scheme has previously operated on an ‘opt-out’ basis.  From September 2016 the scheme will become voluntary so that all new entrants to the scheme are to be offered the opportunity to ‘opt-in’.  Transitional arrangements for existing participants are shown on the attached form – please review, complete and return to the Bursar’s office.

Payment options:
Day and Boarding pupil fees can be paid termly or by an annual lump sum (with 3.75% discount).  Monthly payments may be made through the School Fees Plan – please contact the Bursar’s Office

  1. Fees are payable in full before the first day of term.  Fees not paid by the 5th day will be surcharged at a rate of 1.5% on the 6th day and at 1.5% on the same date each subsequent month while the amount remains outstanding.  Late payment of fees may lead to the exclusion of the pupil(s)
  2. Please make direct payment into bank account:
Sort code:30-98-31
A/C number:00619034
A/C name: Stoke College Educational Trust Ltd
Use your child’s name as the reference for all payments.
  1. Dishonoured payments will incur a surcharge of £40 per item
  2. Fees are due and payable where a full term’s notice of the withdrawal of a child is not given

Sibling discounts:
From September 2016 (discounts applied in current parent contracts are unaffected) 5% for a second child and 10% for a third and subsequent child.  Please note that the discounts are only effective as long as the siblings remain in school.  For example, a sibling discount of 10% may apply for a third child only for as long as the two siblings attend the school.