ISA National Athletics Success

In beautiful sunshine and soaring temperatures, hundreds of children from around the country competed at the ISA National Athletics Finals on Monday (19th June) at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. Compared to last year, the weather was a welcome change but with it came a new challenge.

On one of the hottest days of the year, children from age 9 – 16 put on a real show of outstanding athletic ability, exemplary attitude and sportsmanship that was well placed within an international sports arena, which in the past has been graced by the likes Mo Farah and Jess Ennis.

Spectators were blessed with some remarkable performances and in total 20 national records were broken. High standards were maintained throughout the day, even throughout the relays when the competitors were quite understandably wilting, yet records were still being surpassed.

Regardless of all the outstanding individual and team performances, the day must be remembered for the achievements of all who were there. To qualify for this event is a remarkable achievement and one that every competitor should be very proud of.

The seven Stoke College pupils, from years 4 to 11, all made huge achievements in the regional competition to qualify. They competed in 13 different events and made the college and PE staff very proud.

Stoke won three medals: 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.


Results were as follows:
Year 4 Lilia Long jump 3.54m Silver Medal (only a centimeter behind the winner), 600m 2.05 Minutes

Year 6 Jessica 1.20m High Jump

Year 8 Gabriel 200m 26.55 seconds, He also represented the East Anglia boys relay team and ran a fantastic race in the 2ndleg.

Year 9 Jonty: Discus 24.48m Bronze Medal, Javelin 29.77 Silver Medal

Year 10 Jacob 100m Unfortunately suffered an injury in his race but still finished the race with great determination.

Year 10 Olivia: 800m 2.53.88 minutes, 1500m 5.52.47 minutes

Year 11 Charlie 200m 24.63 seconds, Javelin 30.81m

Junior Maths Challenge 2017

This year, students at Stoke College made us all very proud with their achievements in the Junior Maths Challenge. Three students in particular were awarded certificates for their achievements:

Iona in yr 8 achieved a bronze award

Albert in Year 7 achieved a silver award and

Sean in year 7 achieved a gold award.

Sean’s result was so high that he has been invited to a follow on round, named the “Kangaroo” which will be held in June. We wish Sean the best of luck with this.

Very well done to all who sat the Challenge, in particular many congratulations to these three students, whose mathematical problem solving earned them recognition in this tricky event. The Junior Maths Challenge is a national event, run by the UK Mathematics Trust, where able mathematicians are invited to solve a number of  intriguing problems. Over 600,000 students take part.

U11 Netball and U15 Rounders Teams Perform

It was a busy week for fixtures at Stoke with rounders and netball for the girls.

The U15 girls side travelled to Gosfield in the sunshine on Tuesday 16th May for their first rounders match of the summer.

We started in bat, scoring only 2 1/2 rounders. The Gosfield fielding side were excellent and caught out 5 of our batters. The first innings was over very quickly for Stoke.

In the 2nd innings the girls woke up and scored a lot more with Olivia being the top run scorer with 3 1/2. The team kept up the hard work utilising the mistakes of the Gosfield fielders with Jessie, Charlotte and Olivia scoring whole rounders.

Bowler Anni and backstop Anne were a great team making many catches between them and fielding the ball well to Lily on base to stump out more of the Gosfield side.

Even though the girls brought it back a little in the second half there was just a little too much work to do, eventually losing the fixture 18- 9 1/2. Players of the match were Anne and Lily.

With the rain making rounders very difficult on Wednesday, the U11 side requested a friendly game of netball. Gosfield kindly hosted us inside, sheltering from the wet. It was great to get the teams together before half term.

Stoke started very strong with a 4-0 lead after only 8 minutes. Goal Attack Jess scored 3 of the four goals and GS Lucy making the forth.

The second quarter was much of the same with excellent passing between the centre court players allowing 6 more goals for the Stoke side; Matilda adding 2 goals and Jess with 4 more to her tally.

Our defence of Ruby and Eden remained strong with no goals against us in the third quarter and Matilda continued with 2 more goals working well with Lilia in the attack.

Jess came back on for the forth quarter finishing her scoring tally to 10.

Gosfield utilised a mistake by the defence and scored their first goal in the game.

The final score 15-1 to Stoke.

Players of the match were Lucy and top scorer Jess.

16 Medals at ISA Athletics

25 senior school pupils travelled to the Cambridge University track on 10th May to take part in the regional ISA competition. The athletes had been training hard since before half term and been out every lunchtime training to perfect their events.Read More

PE Department publicly thank Stoke College PTA

The PE department would like to publicly thank the Stoke PTA for their incredible support and funding for new gymnastic equipment including a trampet, springboard and balance bar. Every pupil in the school has been able to benefit from their support and have used this equipment. They have improved their skills in balance, flight and travel while developing their body awareness, suppleness and muscle control.Read More

Easter Celebrations

We would like to remind you about our Easter service on Friday 31st March at St John the Baptist Church in Stoke by Clare at 2 pm. Please stay for refreshments and the PTA Easter Egg Hunt in the School grounds afterwards.

Click Easter Service 2017 for the Easter service programme.

‘OLIVIA!’ gets a great review from students and staff alike.

On Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March, the senior school production of ‘OLIVIA!’ was performed at the Haverhill Arts Centre. Staff, Grace Mitchell (choreographer) and Adrian Marple (director), said they were immensely proud of the pupils’ professional attitude and hard work during the rehearsals and performances. Ellie C (Year 7), a new pupil this year, said “it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my solo and it was a great experience to perform in a proper theatre”.

The audience were treated to many comic moments, including Mr Moss wearing a dress, Fagin and the Artful Dodger dancing together and standout performances from Olivia (Year 10) and Thomas (Year 7), playing two characters each.

After their hard work, our tech team, Harvey and Thomas were asked by Haverhill Arts Centre to work for Centre Stage on future productions. Congratulations to them both! Details of future productions can be found on the website:

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

The Prep School Production of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ was a great success. The children were stars – they performed all their lines wonderfully and the audience laughed in all the right places! We would like to extend a big thank you to all the Prep staff for their hard work and to all those who volunteered to help with costumes/props etc. It’s always so rewarding to see the result of such dedication.

‘OLIVIA!’ cast of 2008.

With the senior production of ‘OLIVIA!’ just around the corner, our current Year 7 were eager to find out what the people are now doing that played their characters back in Stoke’s production of 2008! One of Thomas’ characters (‘Dicken’), is now studying International Relations at York University, and his other character (‘The Judge’) is an actor!

It’s interesting to note that many of our main roles this year are played by Year 7s  and Year 8s; back then they were all Year 10 or Year 11 – a very encouraging sign!

Attached is as comprehensive a list as we could produce of the full cast and where they are now, 9 years later. We encourage you to fill in any blanks by getting in touch with

Olivia Cast 2008

Head’s Blog

Saturday 11th March

The highlight of the week has to have been the hatching of the chicks! Amidst all the major events of school life the emergence of new-born chicks from their eggs created huge interest and excitement. It was wonderful to see the sheer delight and curiosity of the Prep School children as they raced in each morning to find out what progress there had been overnight.Read More