Tuesday 27th June

We are in the midst of the traditional end of term events at Stoke. This week the senior pupils are currently following a special timetable for the Arts Festival, which culminates in our Gala Concert tomorrow night at 7 pm in the Sports Hall.

The theme of the Arts Festival is British Values; Global Identity expressed through singing, playing instruments, dancing and art. The students have worked in mixed age groups with each team focussing on one of the four core values: Democracy, respect for the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for all faiths and none.

The final art pieces will be displayed in the PAB at the end of the festival and parents will be able to view these as part of the Gala as well as on Speech Day next week.

Last Friday was a fantastic day for Stoke too. After the washout of last year it was great to have near-perfect weather for our Sports Day. A great deal went into organising the day, led by the Games staff and supported by the maintenance staff, the catering staff and the academic staff too.

Particularly popular was Mrs Burchell’s Pimms (and Elderflower Cordial!) tent, which at times threatened to blow away in the breeze. It was impressive to see drinks served by one hand whilst the other held the gazebo firmly to the ground!

I am sure all parents would support Mrs Burchell’s compliment to the children on their manners and absolute politeness when getting refreshments. She noted that they also made sure they put their empties back in the correct place (unlike Glastonbury!)

Well done to the Unicorns for being the final winners of the day but the determination and participation was there to see from all the athletes. The Year 5 tug-of-war was particularly competitive! We are lucky to have such a beautiful setting to hold such an uplifting yet traditional day.

The PTA Summer Barbecue is on Friday from 6:30 pm. We are holding it in the Quadrangle by the Performing Arts Block where the Prep School Garden Party was held before half term. It is a lovely setting and we hope as many families as possible will be able to come. Tickets can be bought on the night so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to buy in advance.