Stoke College Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding aptitude. They are awarded to children who the Head and Awards Committee believe will gain value from a Stoke College education and contribute fully to the life of the school.

Our Scholarship Scheme is intended to reflect our inclusive ethos. To this end both Academic and Faculty Scholarships are available.

The actual number and the value of the awards made will be entirely at the discretion of the Head and the Awards Committee.

As a guide, up to ten awards may be made available for the Senior School (Age 11–16).  These are for pupils joining in Year 7 or those joining /moving up into Year 9.  A Senior School Scholarship will endure throughout a pupil’s time at the school, including sixth form.

Up to five awards may be made available for those applying for Sixth Form and five for applications to the Prep School.

Up to five scholarships, worth up to 75% of tuition fees, are now also available for those entering the Sixth Form.

Awards are made without regard to parental income and in value represent a percentage of the school fees.

Up to five Scholarships are also available for pupils wishing to join the Prep School (Age 4–10).  These Scholarships are known as Community Scholarships and last for the period that the pupil is taught within the Prep School.The Community Scholarship is only open to pupils currently attending a state school.

In addition five sponsored places are available for entry into Reception in 2019. More details are given below.


The Range of Scholarships

Academic Scholarships for the Senior School and Sixth Form

Academic scholarships are usually awarded to students whose scores, as judged by the scholarship examinations used by the School, place them in the top 5% in the country in Mathematics and English and who demonstrate their potential to excel in the remainder of the Curriculum.

Additional Application Details:  Scholarships for entry into the Senior School for years 7, 9 & 12 are based on assessments undertaken in the Spring Term of Year 6 (for 10 and 11 year olds) or  Year 8 (for 12 and 13 year olds). Sixth Form scholarships are sat by Year 11 applicants (for 15 and 16 year olds).

Candidates wishing to be considered for this scholarship will be asked to attend the School on Saturday 30th November 2019 to undertake assessment, comprising three exams in Maths, English and non-verbal reasoning as well as an interview with the Head in the preceding fortnight.

Sixth Form scholarship applicants will sit papers from two subjects of their choice which they are studying at GCSE and that they will study at A level/BTEC.

Applicants from overseas should contact the Registrar for further details.

Value: Scholarships are awarded to a value up to 50% of the fees for Prep and Senior Schools. Sixth Form scholarships are awarded up of a value of 75% of tuition fees.

Faculty Scholarships for the Senior School

These are awarded to pupils who excel in a particular area of the Curriculum e.g. the Performing Arts, Technology, Music, Sport or Modern Foreign Languages. Scholars are expected to play an active role in the faculty throughout their school life. A Faculty Scholarship is assessed in a different way to an Academic Scholarship.  A candidate is asked for interview, and they will be asked to bring evidence of their accomplishments in their chosen sphere e.g. an Art portfolio to be presented to the Head of Art or for Performing Arts, an audition with the Head of Music. Candidates will usually complete a subject-specific task in school, which they will discuss with the Head in their interview.

A Faculty Scholarship is awarded on the basis of potential as well as actual achievement in a particular field.  Awards are made entirely at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Additional Application Details: Interviews, assessments and if appropriate, auditions, will be arranged with the relevant Department in the fortnight following the half-term break of the Spring term. (See school calendar for dates.)

Value: Awards normally represent up to 10% of the fees; a Music Faculty scholarship can represent up to 50% of fees.

The Community Scholarship for the Prep Department 

The Community Scholarship is awarded to younger children who the Head believes will gain value from a Stoke College education and contribute fully to the school.

These awards are open only to students currently on the roll of a local state primary or funded Nursery place. They will be awarded to children who exhibit clear academic potential and a desire to achieve.

A Community Scholarship will endure throughout the Prep Department. However a further scholarship can be applied for on transition to the Senior Department.

Additional Application Details: Potential applicants are invited to submit an application before Wednesday 30th January 2019. Arrangements will then be made for candidates to attend an age appropriate interview with the Head or the Assistant Head responsible for the Prep School. Pupils/parents may be asked to bring in books/work from their current school or Nursery for discussion with the Assistant Head, and parents may be asked to supply any nationally standardised assessment data from their current school if this is available.

Value: The value of a Community Scholarship award can be up to 50% of fees.

Please contact us if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

Sponsored Reception Places

Through the generous support of a local company, we are delighted to be able to offer 5 fully sponsored places for Reception year in 2019. Families who would like to apply for a sponsored place should contact the Bursar at Stoke College.

Each sponsored place consists of 100% reduction in the Reception year fees. An amount of £500 per term will be payable before the first day of each term. The accumulated £1500 will be rebated against the first term’s fees of Year 1.

In addition, successful applicants will also benefit from a 50% reduction in Year 1 fees and 25% reduction in Year 2 fees.

As we anticipate a lot of interest in this initiative, applications will be prioritised by date of receipt of hand-written application.

The application must be followed by a completed registration form, registration fee (£100) and refundable deposit (£250) within the subsequent 10 working days.


Further Details

If you would like further details of our scholarships, bursaries or sponsored places, please contact our Registrar.