After the busyness of preparing for the start of term it is good now to be back in routine. We were delighted to welcome back all the pupils and students on Wednesday as well as to see many new children too.

The start of term is always an anxious one for parents, pupils and staff so it was good to see so many happy faces at the end of the first day. Indeed, holding our first Activities Fair on Wednesday evening created a real buzz and we are looking forward to launching many new activities this year. All the teaching staff do at least one activity each week and the games staff are putting on sporting events every evening of the week.

Some of the clubs are entirely new, such as the miniature modelling club, touch rugby, the ukulele club and the Marvel drawing group. Of course there is always the option every evening to attend homework club too. We are hoping to see every student get involved in a variety of activities to broaden their interests and also so that they enjoy school even more.

We have had fantastic results again at GCSE. However, it is more important to know what direction you want to go in life, to know how to use your skills and qualifications, as it is to do well academically. By trying lots of different activities we hope that the pupils will develop and broaden their interests. For many they may discover a hobby they pursue in adult life but for some it may be the spark that also sets the direction on their career.

We welcomed a new cohort of sixth formers this year too, meaning that we now have a complete sixth form. We took both year groups out for a meal in Clare in Thursday evening to celebrate the start of the year and to help them get to know each other as well as some of the staff. Charades proved a fun ice-breaker and helped students of all nationalities to get involved together.

This weekend has been a combination of fun and necessity. We had a day out on Saturday for everyone to the zoo, which included going on some rather high wires, followed today by an essential shopping run for various items of school wear. 

The term now feels truly up and running and we are all looking forward to the first full week of teaching tomorrow, which I am sure to everyone’s delight includes the start of the homework timetable!