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Boarding fun

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The Boarders have had so much fun this week with a range of activities! 

Boarders’ Bake Off! A technical challenge, in true ‘Bake Off’ style, saw the Boarders demonstrating their creative skills and producing an array of cookies and muffins.  A lucky dip meant that they were given a recipe with listed ingredients and the method; they had to bake the perfect cookie or muffin shown on their recipe card. Thankfully no ‘soggy bottoms’ were in evidence but difficulties with the oven settings meant that Harley’s Twix cookies were grilled as well as baked and slightly overzealous lemon squeezing by Oscar resulted in a lemon muffin batter too light to rise. Ailin produced gingerbread cookies with the perfect snap despite a few deviations from the set method and Mikhail’s chocolate chip muffins and Jerry’s red velvet cookies led to them being declared the winners of the technical challenge. A fun evening and the boarders have thoroughly enjoyed consuming the fruits of their labour.

And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The boarding house has been transformed into a winter wonderland over the weekend and the Christmas spirit is slowly spreading throughout the College. The Elves, made by the boarders last year, have returned and are guarding the candy canes and chocolates that are sprinkled over the Christmas trees.  Even the hand sanitiser station was treated to a touch of Christmas sparkle. The new Christmas rules hang proudly in the common room; and the boarding staff are having no problems ensuring that everyone ‘is sure to have second helpings’ and ‘be kind and of good cheer’. The boarders are on the countdown of how many sleeps till Christmas!