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Boarding fun

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The boarders are having so much fun with the activities we’ve planned over the last couple of weeks. ‘Hawaii Five O’ was reenacted by the boarders last weekend when they went paddleboarding. Jerry was first in the water and first to find his feet on the board, while Nat discovered the health benefits of river mud and also perfected the technique of towing the board. Once Mikhail had mastered turning, he challenged Jerry to perform impressive gymnastic manoeuvres on the board. Mrs Bailey was the only one to remain out of the water and dry, great fun and fantastic weather!

On Wednesday last week everyone enjoyed an evening of games… Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink! The evening blasted off to a flying start with water rockets launching 30ft into the air. But just how many teachers does it take to launch a rocket?

Blindfolds added to the fun of the filling bucket challenge and duck, duck, splash increased the competition to fever pitch as students dived, scrambled and skidded their way to victory. 

Baby water bombs were handled with care for fear of detonation and then Mr Khan was annihilated in the inevitable water fight!