‘OLIVIA!’ gets a great review from students and staff alike.

On Wednesday 22nd March and Thursday 23rd March, the senior school production of ‘OLIVIA!’ was performed at the Haverhill Arts Centre. Staff, Grace Mitchell (choreographer) and Adrian Marple (director), said they were immensely proud of the pupils’ professional attitude and hard work during the rehearsals and performances. Ellie C (Year 7), a new pupil this year, said “it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my solo and it was a great experience to perform in a proper theatre”.

The audience were treated to many comic moments, including Mr Moss wearing a dress, Fagin and the Artful Dodger dancing together and standout performances from Olivia (Year 10) and Thomas (Year 7), playing two characters each.

After their hard work, our tech team, Harvey and Thomas were asked by Haverhill Arts Centre to work for Centre Stage on future productions. Congratulations to them both! Details of future productions can be found on the website:

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

The Prep School Production of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ was a great success. The children were stars – they performed all their lines wonderfully and the audience laughed in all the right places! We would like to extend a big thank you to all the Prep staff for their hard work and to all those who volunteered to help with costumes/props etc. It’s always so rewarding to see the result of such dedication.

‘OLIVIA!’ cast of 2008.

With the senior production of ‘OLIVIA!’ just around the corner, our current Year 7 were eager to find out what the people are now doing that played their characters back in Stoke’s production of 2008! One of Thomas’ characters (‘Dicken’), is now studying International Relations at York University, and his other character (‘The Judge’) is an actor!

It’s interesting to note that many of our main roles this year are played by Year 7s  and Year 8s; back then they were all Year 10 or Year 11 – a very encouraging sign!

Attached is as comprehensive a list as we could produce of the full cast and where they are now, 9 years later. We encourage you to fill in any blanks by getting in touch with [email protected]

Olivia Cast 2008

Head’s Blog

Saturday 11th March

The highlight of the week has to have been the hatching of the chicks! Amidst all the major events of school life the emergence of new-born chicks from their eggs created huge interest and excitement. It was wonderful to see the sheer delight and curiosity of the Prep School children as they raced in each morning to find out what progress there had been overnight.Read More

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day on Tuesday 28th February this year, two days early so that all the Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils on the Aylmerton trip didn’t miss out. The book character fancy dress costumes were superb all the way from Year 1 to Year 11 and including many members of staff, too.Read More

Head’s Blog

It’s just over a week now since the ski trip returned and a number of parents remarked on just how well it went. The accompanying staff did a wonderful job and the pupils were a real credit to the school. Stoke’s unique ethos was very much in evidence. In the words of one parent, “One of the things I love about Stoke is the way pupils of widely varying ages interact so well together.  It is something that really marks out Stoke as being different to other schools.”

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Science Facelift

It’s been a busy time at Stoke College during the Christmas break! The Chemistry Lab has had new flooring fitted as well as ceiling and walls painted, the Biology Lab has had the ceilings refreshed and Physics has also had new carpet and redecorations. None of this would have been possible, in what is a relatively short break without the great dedication of our Maintenance Team and external contractors, big thank you to Blakes Decorators Ltd and Superior Finish for helping us with the facelift!

PTA Christmas Bazaar

Once again the PTA worked like Trojans with special help from the children in Years 4, 5 and 6 to produce another successful Christmas Bazaar last Friday. The hall was looking festive and Santa was the usual central attraction in his grotto.Read More