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Stoke College winners of the Year 7 Computer Games Competition

Celebrating Young Innovators in the Year 7 Computer Games Development Competition at Stoke College

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At Stoke College, we are dedicated to providing a personalised learning environment that empowers every student to achieve their academic goals. Last week, our commitment to nurturing creativity and technological literacy was on full display at the Year 7 Computer Games Development Competition. This event not only showcased the incredible talent of our students but also highlighted how our broader educational vision supports their development.

The competition was a vibrant testament to our core curriculum intent, which aims to build student values and skills such as resilience, collaboration, and technological literacy. Our students are encouraged to become global citizens, academically excelling independent learners who are prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Ethan A, Year 7, emerged as a star with his game “Where’s my Tuxedo?”, winning the Best Game – Student and Staff Vote. “This engaging game captivated everyone with its compelling storyline, multiple levels, and entertaining gameplay,” Mr Beaumont, Head of Computer Science. Ethan’s work exemplifies how our structured study programs and enrichment activities foster academic excellence and creativity.

Kirabo, Year 7, won the Best Game – Judges Pick, for her innovative game “2 Player Ping Pong”. Her game impressed the judges with its complex code and excellent customization features, demonstrating the high level of technological skill and creative thought we aim to instil in our students.

Both Ethan and Kirabo received a trophy and a £20 Gift Voucher for in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Their success in this competition is a reflection of our whole-school vision, which integrates academic learning with the development of personal values and life skills.

At Stoke College, our teachers use formative and summative assessments to refine their teaching methods, integrating technology to enhance learning experiences. This approach ensures that students are not only academically proficient but also technologically literate, preparing them for a digital world.

Our comprehensive educational program includes traditional areas like extracurricular sports, arts, drama, and music, which develop teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, and collaboration. Additionally, our career pathways program offers updated career and higher education guidance from Year 7 upwards, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for future success.

Our pastoral care program supports students’ personal development, fostering resilience, self-awareness, and online safety. This nurturing environment ensures that students maintain positive well-being and are equipped with the life skills necessary for their future.

The Year 7 Computer Games Development Competition is a prime example of how Stoke College’s educational vision is brought to life, providing a platform for students to explore their interests and showcase their skills. Congratulations to Ethan and Kirabo, and to all our young innovators who participated in the competition!

Through events like this, we continue to build a complete education that nurtures every child to excel in all aspects of their development, preparing them to be thoughtful, capable citizens of a global society.