This week we are celebrating Eden’s achievements in the world of dance. Eden has been attending dance classes in ballet, freestyle and dance exercise since the age of 3.  This year Eden is celebrating triple success as she has, over two examination sessions, passed her Freestyle Gold (Commended), Dance Exercise Gold (Highly Commended) and Grade 1 Ballet (Merit).  Eden works to the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) syllabus and all exam sessions are adjudicated by an external examiner appointed by the IDTA Head Office.

When Eden first attended The Ballet Shoe Workshop at the age of 3, she was a very shy dancer, happy to join in but wanting to stay in the background and always needing a hand to hold for reassurance; over the years the complete opposite has happened with Eden gaining more and more confidence and stage presence as each year passes.  Eden is always confident in her performance and always secure in the moves and what comes next which is always executed with great timing.  The most important transformation with Eden is her stage presence: her smile, posture and lifted eye-line make her an asset to have in class whether she is working on her solo performance for examination purposes or whether she is rehearsing for a show involving team work and friendships.

Eden attends a local dance school, The Ballet Shoe Workshop, which is based in Hundon, and she was a superb performer at the Stoke College Arts Festival at the end of last term. We are very much looking forward to seeing what she performs in this year’s Arts Festival in June.

Congratulations, Eden!