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Ellie wins a part in the NYMT Sondheim Concert

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In February 2022 Ellie (Yr 12) auditioned for the National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT) and after several audition rounds was thrilled to find out she had been cast in “NYMT In Concert.”  Entry to the NYMT is a very competitive process so actually being cast is an amazing opportunity for Ellie!  

The Company will be performing at the Sondheim Theatre in the West End and the Rose Theatre in Kingston-Upon-Thames over the next few months as well as other concerts later in the year. 

Rehearsals started over the Easter holidays and Ellie spent 8 days with the Company, staying at Tonbridge School.  Ellie reported, “It was amazing to meet so many new people from all over the UK & Ireland and I felt very privileged to be working with the Musical Director and Choreographer. The production is a lot of fun and showcases new musicals that NYMT has commissioned as well as well-known ones.  We did a full run through of the show to the CEO of NYMT, Sir Jeremy Walker, which was a bit nerve wracking but it went well!”

In the coming weeks the group will be doing the “sitzprobe” – a first full rehearsal of the full show with the orchestra – which is very exciting. On the same day as the sitzprobe, the Company will be performing at the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year (SSSSPOTY) held at the Sondheim Theatre which will be really special for Ellie as this is the theatre where she first saw Les Miserables. Ellie can’t wait to see the barricades backstage as it is a huge privilege to be involved in a performance to honour Stephen Sondheim. 

The poster, above, advertising the upcoming NYMT concert at the Rose Theatre; one of the events during the Fuse International Festival, running from the 5-10 July in Kingston.