Our new vision​

Stoke college has ambitious new investors with the determination to forge a new, 21st century school campus while reviving the traditional school as its foundation.

Stoke-by-Clare is close to Cambridge, to Stansted and not a million miles from London itself. Yet it remains impeccably an ancient Suffolk village within a picturesque pastoral setting. On our country house estate are a church, riverside walks and playing fields and the woodlands for a Forest School. It is a hub for families from miles around, not only in Suffolk, but in Cambridgeshire and North Essex. 

The future is approaching fast, and the world is being transformed both by technology and global competition. We want the stability and tranquility of our setting for making young people feel secure and happy but we also need new buildings and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the education they receive prepares them for a radical future. 

Our intention is to begin building as soon as our designs are approved (we already have planning permission in principle). The quaint terrapins will soon be replaced with additional boarding houses and a higher standard of classrooms, including laboratories and a theatre. 

Our key investor Mark Wang is a significant figure in the United World College movement and a passionate believer in bringing sixth formers from around the world together. We would like to ensure that our local children journey through the school to join and lead our Sixth Form which we are determined will become a market leader with an international education.