Despite the breezy weather we have still managed to spend plenty of time out-of-doors this week. Our Geographers travelled to the coast as part of their GCSE research, investigating coastal erosion at Walton-on-the-Naze.

At school this week we couldn’t run Forest School in the woods as a precaution, due to the wind. However, it did mean we could collect twigs and small, fallen branches for an art and biology project. The pupils created life-sized skeletons out of the collected wood, sticking them to large pieces of backing-paper. Finding the right length of twig for each bone was an excellent way to learn how our frames are structured.

Playtime in the Prep School is a real treat to supervise for Senior School staff. It is such a change of pace from teaching the older students. This week many of the Prep pupils were playing ‘horses’, creating a variety of imaginative jumps around the Walled Garden.

The garden once had its own orchard and a number of old apple trees still remain. They are quite a few varieties and some are delicious. However, we weren’t eating the windfall this week, but instead we did some creative drawing. Some of our Reception children created an ‘apple man’ on the grass, which can be seen in the picture above.

Meanwhile another part of the garden became a grass court, with doubles tennis being played.

It is one of the great joys of education to be with young children as they play. They are so tuned in to having fun and you can see how they learn both social and practical skills as they play. To be able to do so in such a beautiful setting is one of Stoke’s great delights.