Over the past fortnight we’ve been fortunate to have had two special events in school. The first was a talk given by parent Dr Bond on her time as a research scientist in Antartica. Students talked about it for days afterwards struck by the sheer remoteness of the research base, the dangers involved and particularly how you cope when your tent is blown away! (https://www.bas.ac.uk)

On Thursday we had a visit from the Science Horizons planetarium (https://www.sciencehorizons.co.uk). Our speaker, Mike Culley, erected an inflatable planetarium in the middle of the Sports Hall and every year group had the opportunity of an hour’s talk and display on the solar system and universe beyond.

I joined the Years 5 and 6 as the lights dimmed and watched the stars rotate over our heads as the different constellations were explained. The talk ranged from physics to Roman history as we learnt how the ancient constellations were named. The pupils were riveted.

We look forward to the next visiting science experience in the Spring term when we will have a live operating theatre demonstration!

However, before then, we will be welcoming Lord Triesman to speak on the Future World of Work to our students, parents and invited guests, including pupils of other schools. He will be with us on Wednesday 5th December and will speak at 1:45 pm.

If anyone would like to attend this talk, which is by invitation only, or to bring a school party, please contact Mr Moore at the College. His email is [email protected]