Learning Development

It’s not just Richard Branson who says 40% of the world’s millionaires are dyslexic. The data is now clear that learning ‘difficulties’ often correlate with unexpected perspectives and striking abilities.

Our Learning Development Centre, located at the heart of the old school building, is staffed by a wonderful team of teachers with vast experience of all kinds of learning challenges, from formally diagnosed disorders to recognised weaknesses which need a little extra time and attention.

Our SENCO Kate Hearn ensures that support is tailored to children individually. Some require regular one-to-one sessions with a Learning Development Specialist, others can work in small groups; a very small number require a Learning Assistants alongside them in the classroom, but Learning Assistants are more commonly used for supported study – help with homework or areas of weakness, sometimes in small groups. The whole team are devoted to their craft, and strive to nurture optimism, confidence and friendship along the way.

Children who require additional support are thoroughly assessed before they join us. We do have a few children with EHCPs (children with special education plans, sometimes supported by the county), but we only accept children that we believe can access a mainstream curriculum. If they cannot, they may better be placed in a different school or setting.