The Prep School

The Prep years (Year 3-Year 6) are of crucial importance to every child’s development. It is a period of great opportunity.

Our lovely junior library is full of suitable texts for reading alone or together. Our suite of Chromebooks is becoming an increasingly popular resource and children have supervised access to the internet for certain projects.

We use a ‘learning umbrella’ approach which introduces a new, overarching umbrella topic each term (e.g. ‘Africa’ or ‘Space’) which all children study across all four year groups. This means that older children can take a lead in learning and that younger children have their progress and understanding accelerated. Within the topic, we naturally engage the children with elements of learning which include the sciences, history, myths and facts, arts and crafts and performance too – all, of course, rooted in literacy and numeracy.

Prep School students enjoy forest school sessions all year round in our extensive grounds. In Pre-Prep, they have weekly sessions. By the age of 10, the bug hunts have given way to science experiments and an introduction to ecology.

Children also receive weekly language lessons (Spanish, Mandarin and French) aimed primarily at broadening cultural understanding and laying foundations of the linguistic basics for more serious academic study from Year 7.

Our Prep School participates in senior assemblies and Chapel (giving a Chapel fortnightly). From Year 6 children can attend some of the academic lunchtime clubs.

The aim is to draw children into a love of learning and a growth in confidence, so that the transition into Senior School is seamless.


“It is a period of great opportunity, where children have a growing curiosity about the world which every good school seeks to nurture.”