Sixth From Academic

Pupils need to be prepared for a truly global world.

Today’s children are going to face a very different world to us, jobs that exist today may not exist in the next decade. Creativity, resilience and adaptability are going to be just as important as exam results.

Education should be a true balance between academic rigour and developing skills beyond acquired knowledge.

Our Sixth Form offers just that.

Academic progress in Sixth Form is overseen by Dr Rui Chen, Deputy Head (Academic) whilst the pastoral and social side is over seen by Charis Hunn-Smith (Deputy Head Sixth Form, Admissions and Marketing).

While some of our students will enter employment or take up apprenticeships, the vast majority will progress to undergraduate study at a UK university. Recent university destinations include University of Exeter and King’s College, London. Dedicated time is set aside to guide students through the university application process and participation in higher education open days is encouraged.

Sixth Formers benefit from excellent personalised teaching that challenges their thinking and encourages adaptability, resilience and independence. Our Sixth Form students are the natural leaders of our school community: they run lunchtime activities for younger pupils and lead numerous projects throughout the year that develop the soft skills that are so important not just in building character but employability and long-term success.


What do pupils study for A Level?

English Literature, Maths, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Politics, History, Geography, Drama, Music, Art, PE and Psychology

“Education should be a true balance between academic rigour and developing skills beyond acquired knowledge.”