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Maths Challenge

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At the end of the Spring Term a number of our Year 11 mathematicians took park in the Intermediate Maths Challenge.  During Lockdown, the competition had moved online where our brave students faced 60 minutes of intense brain-melting problem-solving! As the paper progressed, the challenges become more and more difficult with the added risk of losing marks with incorrect answers. Students needed to play a keen strategic game against the clock, with only a pencil and plain paper to assist them as they were up against young mathematicians from all over the country in this widely recognised competition. Well done to everyone who took part.

Particular congratulations go to Charlotte P-N and Jack B-S who both achieved silver certificates – an amazing feat and to Patrick B who achieved Best in School and a Gold Certificate. Patrick’s Gold Certificate put him through to the next round, the “Pink Kangaroo” round which was held on Thursday 18th March.

For the Pink Kangaroo Round, Patrick had the herculean task of attempting to solve some formidable, mind-bending problems. Armed the high score he had already achieved to gain his Gold Certificate in the previous round, this challenge proved an easy feat for our young hero and armed with another huge score, Patrick was awarded a Certificate of Merit for his tremendous efforts – the highest possible level of award! Mrs. Shane, Head of Maths at Stoke College commented, “We are all very proud of Patrick. His consistent, driven, hard work in Mathematics has lead to amazing achievements both in and out of the classroom. A huge well done Patrick, an absolutely amazing achievement and a fantastic result!”