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National Boarding Week

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As inspired by the Kenny Rogers song…

Never will forget..

An 8 1/2 mile race around Alton Water set the tone for National Boarding week. Ye was declared the winner and Dr Chen was crowned Dr Slow by the boarders for his more leisurely pace admiring the British countryside. A high energy ride and we even dodged the rain!

The times we’ve spent together…..

Next, a sushi chef experience with the boarders creating their own hosomaki sushi and perfecting the taste sensation with their own blend of soy sauce or wasabi. 

I’m sure we will recall….

The challenge of creating a paper automata model challenged even the most skilled engineers as Pecking Hens and Flying fish were assembled through hours of dedicated cutting / folding and deciphering of instructions that might well have been written in hieroglyphics. 

When good times become memories….

Mikhail transformed into Rick Astley and his performance of ‘Never gonna give you up’ brought the house down in the Battle of the Bands. Whereas, Harley transfixed the audience with their rendition of ‘Chasing Cars’.

Wouldn’t change a minute…..

A lazy afternoon fishing by the river completed the perfect week.

National Boarding Week – We’ve got it all! We’ve done it all!