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Old Stokian, Henry Driver, digs deep in new film for the BBC

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Former Stoke College pupil and now artist, Henry Driver, was recently commissioned by the BBC and the Arts Council in the production of “Secrets of the Soil” a 360 degree video, described as “an artistic experience set in a reimagining of the cosmic world beneath our feet”. The project was commissioned as part of New Creatives, a project from Arts Council England and the BBC and is now freely available on You Tube. The video explores ‘Soil City’, its inhabitants and the dynamics within.

Of the film, which was recently released by the BBC, Henry said, “Secrets of Soil is an interactive journey that explores the hidden world of soil and its role in combating climate change. Your journey will take you to a microscopic world, witnessing the essential life forms that live there. Explore the microscopic landscape to understand the many citizens of the soil and the essential roles they play in this diverse ecosystem. Witness how bacteria and plants speak to each other. Glide through vast fungal webs. Create earthworm burrows. Or simply relax and linger in dazzling soilscapes and explore this unseen world. Unearth the secret of how this hidden universe could help save us from climate disaster.

The project was designed to inspire people of all ages to think differently about soil.  For a glimpse of what the film has to offer, see the trailer below or view the entire film here.

Principal of Stoke College, Dr Lloyd commented, “Congratulations to Henry on having your project commissioned by the BBC!  Secrets of Soil sounds like an amazing journey and I’m sure our students will enjoy learning how essential the soil is to the ecosystem and world climate.  We take pride in promoting the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors at Stoke College, so this is something I’m sure our whole community will enjoy.”

Of his time at Stoke, Henry said, “Stoke College were incredibly supportive and flexible in providing tailored learning environments to allow me to rapidly grow as a student and person. The inspiring art, science and design departments really helped to spark and nurture the passions which I rely upon today as an artist. Most importantly of all, Stoke College can see a student’s potential, not their current capacity, and work their hardest to unlock it.”