Stoke College is a limited company with a board of Directors. The Board of Directors operates in the same way as any other limited company and has ultimate responsibility for all the decisions. Each member of the Board of Directors has invested in the company and is committed to providing high quality education. The Principal reports to the Board of Directors.

Stoke College is a proprietorial school which is owned by Cambridge Stoke College Ltd (CSCL), whose Board has the legal responsibility to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met. This means that the Advisory Council (AC) has a role that is different to many independent schools. It is the role of the Advisory Council to support the CSCL Board in its stewardship of the College by acting as a ‘critical friend’ to senior management, providing strategic guidance and oversight and advising the Board in carrying out its legal and regulatory responsibilities. The Advisory Council, therefore, has powers of scrutiny and may make recommendations to the CSCL Board for change and improvement and other matters. Whilst the Board of Directors may delegate certain matters to the Advisory Council, ultimate responsibility remains with the Board. Advisory Council meetings are held at least once a term.

Advisory Council


Mr Christopher Davis

Chair of the Advisory Council

Chair of the Advisory Council Chris is a Cambridge graduate (English) with a background at the Bank of England and in the Cabinet Office. An experienced housemaster (Eton College); he is a former Headmaster of Sherborne School.

Joe Francis

Joe is founder and CEO at, a fast growing digital education publisher. He was interim Head at Stoke during 2020 and developed the school’s successful online learning platform Stoke Online at the outset of the Covid pandemic. Joe was formerly Headmaster at Hampton Court House where he led a revamp which helped it to become one of the most successful ‘through’ schools in the UK. Joe learned his craft as a schoolmaster first at Tonbridge School, then at Eton College where he was Head of English and Common Room Chairman.

Mr Adam Lubbock

Adam is a full-time professional Boarding and Safeguarding practitioner running his own company, King’s River Education and trains Designated Safeguarding Leads and Governors in Suffolk, wider afield and internationally. Adam is a former Head of Sport and Director of Boarding and currently the chair of AEGIS, an international safeguarding charity supporting international students, their guardians and schools. Adam is also the coaching coordinator at his local rugby club and is a supporter of Leicester Tigers where his father played in the mid 1950s. Adam and his wife Cara have two girls who are keen on all things equestrian.

Ms Alexandra Woolmore

Alex is a planning lawyer who after qualifying at Linklaters, now heads up the planning team at Argent Related, a London-based property developer. She is also an experienced governor at both primary and secondary level and sits on the board of Poplar Harca, a housing association based in the East End of London.



Sherry Xu

Sherry’s remarkable career spans acquisitions and mergers, international investment and management consultancy. Since taking her degree in International Economics from Fudan University, she has worked in China, the UK and France. Her experience spans multinationals like Accenture and EDF, the takeover of major companies like British Energy and UK Power Networks and managing funds for TRIUM Legacy. Sherry is the founder and Managing Director of MAXL Investment Management Ltd, which focusses on cross-border investment in Healthcare and Education – hence, Stoke College.


Zhao Jie (Josie) Guo

Josie came to England in 1989 to study for a Masters in Business Administration after which she established a trading company as well as developing business initiatives in England, Hong Kong and China. She moved with her husband to Cambridge where their two children were born. Parenthood led to an interest in education and eventually to her relationship with Stoke College. Josie acquired the College buildings in 2016 and invested in the school as it underwent transition from a charitable trust to a limited company. She established Stoke’s international sixth form and expanded its summer lettings programme, all the while conscious that she needed additional partners to bring a new tier of investment and educational expertise – she has certainly succeeded in finding them. 


Mark Wang

Though still in his thirties, Mark Wang is an inspirational figure in international education and an accomplished businessman. A fluent speaker of both English and Norwegian, he studied at the United World College in Norway (UWC Red Cross Nordic) and subsequently at the University of Oslo. He is the founder of the UWC college at Changshu. He was selected as a carrier in the Olympic torch relay and has been the subject of a TV series and even an opera.

A life-changing air accident in 1993 resulted in the loss of both his legs and a serious spinal injury which hospitalised him for five years. Far from being crushed by this experience, it forged Mark’s amazing resilience and zest. He won 2 gold medals at the 36th Disabled Ski Championship (1999) and wrote a multi-million selling autobiography, Hold Up the Blue Sky of Life (translation from the Mandarin title).


Baodong Shi

to follow