Stoke College’s proprietor, Mrs. Zhaojie Guo (Josie), is the nominated individual entrusted with the legal responsibility to ensure regulatory requirements are met.

Josie is a member of our Board of Directors, a team deeply invested in the College’s mission to deliver exceptional education. Committed to upholding the highest standards, the Board has established an Advisory Council. This Council collaborates closely with senior management, assuming the role of a ‘critical friend.’ Their invaluable contributions include providing strategic guidance, overseeing operations, and advising the Board on fulfilling its legal and regulatory obligations.

While the Advisory Council may oversee specific matters delegated by the Board, the ultimate responsibility for decision-making rests with the Board of Directors. Advisory Council meetings are held at least once per term.




Mr Baodong Shi, Director of Cambridge Stoke College.

Baodong Shi

Mr. Baodong Shi is a successful entrepreneur with a passionate dedication and natural benevolence to the cause of education. He has been able to transfer his high achievement in a diverse range of business fields, such as finance, real estate, education and the health industry; to the field of education. 

In 1998, Mr. Shi joined Suzhou International Foreign Language School. Since that time he has transformed the school out of a crisis position to one of celebrated success, most notably in the areas of education quality and the school roll.

In 2007, Mr. Shi was elected as the chairman of Suzhou International Foreign Language School. At the same time, he founded Suzhou Qidi Education Group and has served as the group chairman since 2014. At present, Qidi Group has four large primary and secondary schools and 20 to 30 kindergartens in different cities in China. All of them are currently among the best in the local area, and have been unanimously praised by the government, society, students, and parents.

Mr. Shi’s success in different fields is inseparable from his humility, studiousness, dedication and love for his career. In the cause of education, he has showed great love and spirit of leadership for both students and staff. He is an excellent entrepreneur with a down-to-earth attitude.


Sherry Xu

Sherry’s remarkable career combines a passion for education with a proven success in acquisitions and mergers; international investment and management consultancy. Since gaining a TRIUM Global Executive MBA (LSE, NYU, HEC) and BA (hons) in International Economics at Fudan University, China, she has worked in the UK, China and France. In addition to 20 years experience of international managerial experiences at multinational companies, Sherry was a Co-founder and Board Member of Cheltenham College’s first overseas school in China; and Vice President for Cheltenham College international schools in the Greater China region. Sherry brings to Stoke College substantial management consultancy experiences in strategic planning, business innovation, transformation and globalization together with a deep passion for independent education.


Zhao Jie (Josie) Guo

Josie came to England in 1989 to study for a Masters in Business Administration after which she established a trading company as well as developing business initiatives in England, Hong Kong and China. She moved with her husband to Cambridge where their two children were born. Parenthood led to an interest in education and eventually to her relationship with Stoke College. Josie acquired the College buildings in 2016 and invested in the school as it underwent transition from a charitable trust to a limited company. She established Stoke’s international sixth form and expanded its summer lettings programme, all the while conscious that she needed additional partners to bring a new tier of investment and educational expertise – she has certainly succeeded in finding them. 


Mark Wang

Mark Wang is an inspirational figure in international education and an accomplished businessman. A fluent speaker of both English and Norwegian, he studied at the United World College in Norway (UWC Red Cross Nordic) and subsequently at the University of Oslo. He is the founder of the UWC college at Changshu. He was selected as a carrier in the Olympic torch relay and has been the subject of a TV series and even an opera.

A life-changing air accident in 1993 resulted in the loss of both his legs and a serious spinal injury which hospitalised him for five years. Far from being crushed by this experience, it forged Mark’s amazing resilience and zest. He won 2 gold medals at the 36th Disabled Ski Championship (1999) and wrote a multi-million selling autobiography, Hold Up the Blue Sky of Life (translation from the Mandarin title).