Parent Teachers Association

Hello from the Stoke College PTA

The Stoke College PTA is a group set up to raise funds and organise social, fun events for the benefit of you and your child or children, whilst they are at Stoke College.

Run by a small committee, meetings are usually held at the school or in a local pub (though, more recently, on Zoom or Webex) and include members of Senior Leadership Team (SLT) from Stoke College.  Fundraising activities are always aimed at benefitting as wide a number of the students of Stoke College as possible, with recent significant contributions being made to the Wellbeing Room and a substantial amount of gym equipment.

As an introduction to the officers, the PTA is chaired by Nicola Campbell, secretary Nicholas Clarke and treasurer Jannine Erben.  Alongside them is a small committee to ensure a full cross-section of the school students are represented.  Outside of the regularly held meetings, the PTA can be contacted through the school secretary.


The Stoke College PTA