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If there is further information you require, such as the Health and Safety Policy, please contact the school office.

Extreme Weather Policy
Stoke College will aim to remain open at times of extreme weather (snow, ice, flooding etc) so long as it is safe to do so.

When weather conditions are extreme and unsafe the school will close.

If the decision is made to close before the beginning of the school day then a notice to this effect will be posted on the college website as soon as is practically possible. We aim to achieve this between 06:30 and 07:00.

We will do our best to have news of the closure posted on the local radio station. We will also do our best to man the school telephone.

Should the weather deteriorate during the day and it becomes necessary to close early then a team at school will telephone parents to make suitable arrangements for pupils to return home early. We ask parents to remember that weather conditions can be extremely localised. There are times when conditions at home are good while those at school are poor and vice-versa. Parents must make their own decision about school attendance should the school be open but conditions at home, be dangerous.

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