The school uniform shop will be open three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9:00am and 4:15pm. Fittings can be done at this time and purchases collected. Orders, however, can be placed at any time by downloading an order form below and emailing [email protected]. Alternatively you can print and return completed form to the school office.

Order Forms can be downloaded using the following links:

Uniform Order Form Boys

Uniform Order Form Girls

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Uniform Process
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Sports Kit

*Denotes purchase must be from Stoke College school uniform supplies.

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General Uniform Rules

Please note that winter uniform is worn at the beginning of the summer term until the weather is warm enough. The Head usually declares ‘summer uniform’ after the early May Bank Holiday weekend.

  • Pupils must travel to and from school, attend lunch and all lessons in uniform unless particular permission has been given for very good reason. This means changing after games. When permission has been given to wear games kit, it must be clean and the tracksuit should be worn. In particular pupils must leave school, at the end of the day, properly dressed.
  • All items must be clearly named.
  • The dyeing and highlighting of hair and use of makeup is not permitted. Long hair should be tied back.
  • One piercing is permitted in each ear, with a discrete stud to be worn but removed for some lessons, such as PE. Other piercings, such as nose studs, are not permitted.
  • The teacher in charge will tell pupils what they are allowed to wear for off-site visits. This will normally be full school uniform though when this rule is relaxed because it would be inappropriate, any non-uniform items worn should be smart and free from major wear and tear.
  • Summer Uniform: This may be worn in the summer term from the date announced by the Head. Weather permitting the blazer need not be worn (and may be left at home if appropriate). Boys may wear a short sleeved, pilot type shirt; girls may wear a formal short sleeved blouse instead of the formal shirt or blouse. However, if the formal shirt or blouse is worn, they must be properly tucked in with sleeves either rolled neatly above the elbow or fastened at the cuff.
  • Ties need not be worn as part of the summer uniform, but pupils wearing blazers must also wear their tie.
  • The navy ‘V’ neck jumper may be worn without wearing a tie.