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Ruby’s Quest for a Summer Job

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The summer holidays are often a time for rest and relaxation but for others, it’s a time to dip their toes in the waters of the world of work. Ruby in Year 11 who will be joining Stoke 6 on a Scholarship in September has written about her quest for a summer job and some valuable work experience below.

This week I had the good news that my application to work with the hospitality team over the summer at Newmarket Races was successful.

The main reason for applying for this summer work is that next year I will be participating in a World Challenge expedition. I will be spending 11 days backpacking and hiking around Norway. Part of the challenge before the expedition is to find ways of raising the money for the trip for ourselves yourself, rather than asking our parents to pay. Once I have saved enough for the trip, the rest of the money I earn will go towards university. I’m really motivated to earn enough money before going to study at uni, so I don’t need to work during my studies. This will enable me to instead focus more on my studies but also on the personal and social life that university offers.

The first task to getting the job was to write a covering letter explaining why I wanted the position and then to write a cv. This was quite difficult as I haven’t had a paid job before so didn’t have any work experience, but I was able to talk about the volunteering work I do every week at the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice shop and the help I’ve given the school during open days, showing parents and students around.

I had two telephone interviews where they asked me things like how I would deal with difficult customers, how to be professional at work, what makes a good team player and what my weaknesses were. Once I’d been successful in these interviews, I had a 2-hour group interview online. This involved group activities and some very long health and safety tests. I passed the tests and then went through to the final hour-long assessment. This was more tests and another video interview.

When applying and searching for a job, I had a few options in my mind. For example, another position I considered was at a local garden centre and also at a vegetable packing factory. However, the Newmarket Races was my preferred option because it will give me the chance to meet a wide range of different people and to learn some new skills. A friend outside of school previously worked at the races before they went to university and they said, although it was hard work, it was also a great atmosphere.

I’m hoping this summer job will give me the chance to meet some interesting characters and get used to a different kind of working environment. The multi-staged interview process was a challenge but I feel really positive that I went for the job. Even if I’d been unsuccessful, the experience of the interview was very good and has really boosted my confidence.

Once the summer is over, I will have many things to add to my cv, as the races provide lots of training opportunities, ranging from food hygiene certificates to leadership training.

I was really pleased to get this job and I can start as soon as my GCSEs are over. They’ve said I can work up to 48 hours a week – so I guess it’s going to be a very busy summer!