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Stoke College bucks the national trend for Food Tech

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You might have read in the media of concerns facing many schools in light of rising costs. Food Technology is a subject that some senior schools are having to cut back and, in some cases, remove completely from the curriculum owing to budgetary and time constraints. Stoke College recognises the importance of Food Technology as an essential life skill, as well as such a crucial part of the science of health.  We offer all Key Stage 3 students a weekly lesson, a GCSE in Food Technology for students wishing to develop their skills further. and a component to our Sixth Form Diploma in Global Competencies.

“Food Technology lessons give students an enjoyable, multi-sensory experience of the practical application of science and mathematics, together with developing essential life skills such as effective time-management and planning.” Karmen Connelly, Stoke College Food Technology.

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