Marking, feedback and reports

Marking and feedback

Marking and Feedback remain at the core of teaching and learning: students submit assignments to their teachers via Google Classroom, where the teacher can add targeted comments, corrections and suggestions as well as an overall score and summative comment before returning the work to the student to review.

Every pupil has been issued with a mini whiteboard, pen and eraser to every single student which means we have been able to add more quick assessment into our live lessons: with students all writing their answer on their board and holding it up to the camera, the teacher can instantly see who has understood. 


We have used our school information management system, iSAMS, to continue sending written reports as we usually would. In fact, between the school closure in March and the end of term in July, every child will receive three official reports: at Easter, at the May half term and at the end of the academic year.

Internal Exams

All students in Years 7-13 have sat exams this summer. Years 10-13 have worked in, a tool which allows us to upload exams securely, open them at the start of the exam time and set high security features. We provide video invigilation via Google Meet and anonymises students’ exams before marking to rule out unconscious biases.

Students who usually work with a reader, scribe or extra time have been able to do so at home, and where either the nature of the exam or a student’s individual needs make it easier to work on paper, we have emailed out papers just before the start or sent out answer booklets by post so that students can draw their graphs or label diagrams much more easily than they could on screen. 

For Year 11 and Year 13 these exams helped us make sure we have submitted the fairest grade for their GCSEs and A Levels.

Years 7-9 have sat exams using Google Docs and Google Classroom, so less secure and formal but still with video invigilation. 

Crucially, we have recognised that exams may cause additional anxiety given the very strange circumstances that we are in. Parents of Years 7-10 students have been encouraged to discuss the exams with their child and make any modifications necessary following discussion with us. For example, some pupils might complete the exams ‘open book’.

Parents Evenings

Our Parents Evenings are all run via live videos.  The whole evening is carefully choreographed with all appointments centrally managed to ensure a smooth-running evening for the final summer term feedback.