Our Guiding Principles

We worked hard to ensure our pupils learning isn’t interrupted.

But learning online and offline is very different. Techniques that work in a ‘real’ classroom, don’t necessarily work online.

In schools, synchronous learning happens throughout the day because children learn together. This is much harder online.

So we developed a new type of school day which balances synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

Pupils have lessons every day.

Synchronous learning happens in the mornings; live lessons in small groups.

Asynchronous learning happens in the afternoons; self-led learning using the resources that we provide.

During afternoons, we also provide subject clinics, one to one support, mentoring sessions and family activities.

Our online school is powered by GSuite for Education.

We have made full use of technology and run all of our lessons using the full suite of Google’s resources

We also draw on a number of other tech tools to support lessons

All our pupils are sitting exams this term using exam.net

At times of crisis, mental health is just as important as academic progress.

Each pupil has a mentor and meets with a regular mentoring group.

We’ve also encouraged our pupils to socialise online and run family activities and competitions for the whole school

We know that communication with our parents is key. Parents have direct access to teachers and mentors. 

We run weekly evening symposiums for parents on topics such as ‘How Google Classrooms can benefit learning’ ‘Teenage Mental Health’,  ‘ The role of Sports in education’, ‘Technology: A blessing or a curse?’ ‘Different models of education’ and ‘How Stoke College is reinventing Sixth Form education’

We know this is a period of uncertainty for everyone and ‘normal’ doesn’t apply.

We’ve responded to guidance quickly.

We’ve utilised the expertise of our very experienced owners and Advisory Council. If something doesn’t work, we change it. We’ve listened to feedback from our parents and pupils.