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Success at Stoke College Tour Day

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We were delighted that 28 families came to our Tour Day on Saturday, we had to close bookings, because we were at capacity! 

Families were given a copy of Stoke College News, plus our new brochure.

They toured the school following our Dickens Adventure (based on John Elwes who used to live at the school). There were interactive activities happening in Maths, Science and DT. They also watched sports and took a walk along the river. Sunday was our busiest day since January for receiving applications to the school and our Year 7 Taster Day looks set to be very full.

Here is some of the feedback we received: 

We all really liked the school and had a very good feeling from it. 

You have a very special school, one we would feel very happy our daughter attending 

We all enjoyed the open day on Saturday and all came away having learnt a lot more about Stoke College and what it can offer. 

We very much enjoyed our visit on Saturday. The school had a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. 

We think the future of Stoke looks exciting!