Summer School

Improve your English on our Summer Programme

Our exciting summer programme is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and learn new cultures as well as improve your English.

Stoke College is a fully residential campus offering 70 student beds for both boys and girls during the summer season.  All students live in two boarding houses, one for boys and one for girls. Students of a similar age live on the same corridor. Each boarding house has its own showers and toilets, as well as recreational areas.   Students have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the school dining room. On excursion days the school prepares a packed lunch.

Our Course includes:
  • 20 Lessons of English (15 hours per week)
  • Strong focus on key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Taste of British education, life in a boarding school in the UK
  • Focus on British etiquette and culture
  • Exciting activities and excursions
  • Opportunity to meet local students

Lessons are designed to be engaging and planned especially for children and teenagers. Teachers aim to satisfy a wide range of interests, with a focus on communication to boost students’ confidence when using English in practical situations. Regular tests and conversation classes help to ensure that students improve their English as much as possible. Our dedicated and professional team provide feedback and support. They help students build their confidence to speak English.
Prices are £1100 per person per week, based on full board and fully residential programme at Stoke College Campus.

For enquiries on the Summer Camp
please contact Sabine Kite, [email protected]